Key Benefits to An Energy Star Certified Home

Not all homes are created equal. The appliances and systems that are used for your house go a long way in determining its energy efficiency. This doesn’t just affect your home’s impact on the environment. Living in an Energy Star certified home offers several key advantages for families.

Improved Comfort

An Energy Star certified home uses a variety of systems to improve indoor comfort. For example, air sealing and properly installed insulation reduce air loss, making it easier to maintain consistent indoor temperatures. Energy efficient windows reduce heat gain, and are less likely to experience issues such as drafts or leaks. Thanks to these and other features, an efficient home doesn’t suffer from common problems like hot or cold spots, excessive dust, or bugs. 

Energy Savings

Energy Star certified systems (such as your lighting or air conditioner) require less electricity to operate. An efficient home also won’t require your HVAC system to run as long to get to the desired temperature. This means that you won’t have to spend as much on your monthly utility bills. Those extra savings can go to other home improvements or family needs. 

Lasting Quality

Energy Star certified properties are built with high-quality materials that are designed to last. While ongoing maintenance is still needed, these systems will perform well and with reduced risk of major repair needs much longer than less efficient alternatives. This results in even more long-term savings for your family.

Living in an Energy Star certified home can be truly transformative — and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Urban Meadows. The homes in this state-of-the-art community from Shrock Real Estate use Energy Star certified thermal enclosure systems, HVAC systems, lighting, and more. Contact us to learn more about this exciting new development and available lots. 

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