Live With Space, Style, and Energy Efficiency

Tired of living in a cramped home? Are you looking to move to a home with unique style?  Are you frustrated by rising utilities?  We may have just what you are looking for!  At Urban Meadows, Shrock Real Estate’s newest development, you’ll find spacious living, beautiful modern style, and highly efficient homes.


The beautiful homes at Urban Meadows are spacious!  One of our newly completed structures, #60, has 3,278 sq. ft. and that doesn’t include the garage.  You and your family will have room to live comfortably, designing each room to reflect your aesthetic and enjoy the extra space.  With that additional space comes an abundance of natural light!  Urban Meadows uses large, clean lines and low maintenance windows that allow the most light inside, also providing unobstructed view of the natural surrounding landscape.


The homes being constructed in our Urban Meadows development are modern, custom built homes that are uniquely designed by our Shrock team of designers and craftsmen.  Each home can be custom built to the home owner’s specifications or you can purchase a home that has been completed. Our Shrock designers are available to assist you in making selections on a variety of your home’s features.


Urban Meadows homes are build with sustainable, low maintenance, and smart technology materials.  Our goal is to provide homes that are an investment into your future.  From the Structurally Insulating Panels (SIPS) that provide a watertight seal around the frame of the home to the solar panels on each roof that provide energy savings, you’ll know your home is built to last and provide savings for your future.  Other energy efficient features include heating and cooling systems that provide healthy air quality within the home, standing seam metal roofing that comes with a transferable 35 year warranty, and ICF foundations.

Urban Meadow’s custom home development will provide you with a home that is spacious, stylish and energy efficient.  If you’d like to learn more about purchasing one of our lots or homes, give us a call today.  We’d love to have you join our Urban Meadows community of families.

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