Why Now Is The Best Time To Buy At Urban Meadows

Shrock Real Estate and Shrock Custom Construction have created a community.  This community of homes radiates a clean neighborhood, healthy living, and exquisite style.  Now is the time to purchase your home or a lot for custom construction as they may not last long.

Our luxury homes, in beautiful Bellville, Ohio, provide ENERGY EFFICIENCY, smart technology features, low maintenance and spacious living.  With the cost of utilities only going up, having an energy efficient home is on everyone’s radar.

While mortgage interest rates have gone up in recent months, they are projected to drop, says Clever Real Estate.  Clever Real Estate also boasts that INTEREST RATES in OHIO are LOWER than the national average.  In addition, Clever also encourages home buyers to actively submit offers during winter months.

Ohio’s Real Estate Market in 2022: Forecast + Trends (2022, November 1st.) Clever Real Estate.

Right now you have OPTIONS.  You can choose to purchase a home turn key, or purchase a lot and be involved in the design, floorplan, and custom features of your home.  These options may not be available long so now is the time to buy.

Buyers are currently seeking homes outside of heavily populated cities.  They are looking for homes in smaller towns and peaceful communities.  This makes Urban Meadows a perfect location for those buyers.  This creates an urgency to purchase one of our homes or lots WHILE THEY’RE STILL AVAILABLE.

Shrock Real Estate wants to provide you with a luxurious home; one  with energy efficiency, options, healthy living and peace of mind.  Let us introduce you to our community.  A beautiful neighborhood of homes called Urban Meadows.  It may be just what you are looking for!

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